Kuroshitsuji Madam Red Cosplay Tutorial + Introduction

Hello all! I’m not too sure what I’m doing starting a new blog, but I guess I wanted to curate a walkthrough of my cosplay/sewing adventures in hopes it’ll help other cosplayers and whatnot. And occasionally I’ll blog about other cool things I stumble upon.

So to start off, I’ll dive right into the major cosplay project I’ve been working on this past summer. This version of Madam Red from Black Butler:

madam redWelp…that picture turned out smaller than I expected. Whatever, it’s a giant poofy red ballgown. Since I’m already 99% finished with this cosplay, I’ll show pictures of the completed project and then walk my way backwards into the making of.

Finished product (necklace and hat were bought but for the sake of completeness, I pictured them anyways ^^):

photo 1 (9) copy photo 2 (5) copy

It took me approximately 2 months, 1 yard of red lace, 1 yard of red kona cotton, 2 yards of dark red cotton sateen (for ruffles), 7 yards of regular red cotton sateen, 1 yard of black cotton sateen, 26 grommets, and random bits of trims and lace.

I’m going to break this up into a 2 part tutorial. Part 1: Making of the Skirt to follow in the next post.


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