Cosplay Update

Wauw, two posts in one day. I’m on fire, aren’t I? But yeah, just wanted to give an update on what I’m working on at the moment.

So aside from working on another blog post, that I’ll hopefully have out by next week. It’ll be part two of the making of Madame Red, I’ll talk about making the corset top and whatnot, I’ve started working on my next cosplay project.





Or more specifically this really lovely, detailed version of Saber. I’m hoping I can have a successful go at her armor and I’ll be able to share my experience with people who are also looking to cosplay this version of Saber/interested in making armor.




Also, I’ve just recently given thought to cosplaying this particular character who’s a creation of a wonderful artist by the name of Sakizou. I’ve seen quite a few other cosplayers online cosplay her characters before and it’s always flippin’ gorgeous. @__@ But yeah…I’m not fully committed yet, but I feel like the more thought I give to it the more I’m falling in love with the idea. Also, I think I look better dressed up as a boy. But actually…

So there you have it. Just a few updates. Thanks for reading!


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