How to Tie Sasuke’s Rope Belt

Hellooooo! Short tutorial on how I tie my Sasuke belt. If you’re looking to make a rope belt…I highly recommend Faxen’s tutorial on deviantart. It’s what I followed to get mine. It’s a super great tutorial! But yeah the way I detail on how to tie the belt below doesn’t get the precise look that Sasuke has in the anime because my rope belt is incredibly chunky so it can’t do a full knot/loop without looking really awkward. But yeah here’s how the finish product looks…


To start off…wrap the belt in half…and loop it around your body like this…


Then pull it up and through…

You could honestly let the loose ends dangle down and it would look fine.


But I wanted the rope to lay a bit flatter against my body so I took the ends and looped it through the opening..below is a shitty diagram to help explain what I did.

IMG_0701 copy

After some adjusting, my belt looks like this…

But yep…hope that helps anybody looking for another way to tie Sasuke’s belt. 😀





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